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Check out Vietnam veterans events in Rio Grande, NJ

Looking for Vietnam veterans events to attend? The Forgotten Warriors Vietnam Museum has you covered. The Vietnam veterans memorial hosts events in Rio Grande and Cape May, NJ. Whether it's Memorial Day, Labor Day or any time or year, you're sure to find an event that you'll find enriching at the museum.

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Here's why you should attend our events

Here's why you should attend our events

One of our upcoming events is the "Night of Honor," which will take place in June. It's intended to honor Vietnam vets and educate people about the Vietnam War. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the events we have planned.

At the events centered around the Vietnam veterans memorial, you can:

  • Honor veterans
  • Learn about the Vietnam War
  • Immerse yourself in a meaningful experience
We offer free admission to all of our events. Call us now at 609-374-2987 to learn more.